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Welcome to Kiedan Design, where innovation and passion for camper life come together.

Our journey began with a simple desire: more space in our bus camper. Like many, we slept with our feet and head against the camper's side walls, yearning for just a bit more room. This desire turned into reality when we saw a camper with striking extensions on its sides. These 'flares', as they are known in the US, or 'PODZ' in the UK, inspired us to take matters into our own hands.

With a background in the automotive industry and extensive experience with ABS plastic, we saw the perfect opportunity to create lightweight, strong camper extension panels. In our factory, specializing in vacuum forming, we started shaping this idea. We discovered that there were only a few standard models available for specific campers, such as the MB Sprinter, and universal panels for other brands. However, why not a fitting design for all models? Thanks to our 3D scanning technology, we could achieve this, and now offer custom-made flares for popular bus campers such as the Ducato, Jumper, Boxer, Movano 2022+, Crafter 2017+, and more.

Our approach is not only innovative but also affordable. Traditional polyester panels are often expensive, but through our advanced vacuum system, we can make these flares accessible to a wider audience. At Kiedan Design, we go a step further. We understand that every camper is unique and enjoy working with our customers to develop tailor-made products. For example, for the UK market, we can adjust our mold files to produce mirrored models, considering the position of the sliding door.

Our quest for perfection has led us from simple MDF molds to durable aluminum molds, allowing us to consistently deliver high-quality products. All this has resulted in a more comfortable sleeping experience in our own bus camper, and our flares add a rugged and stylish element to the exterior.

Discover the freedom of a more spacious camper with the custom-made solutions from Kiedan Design. Together, we make your camper adventures more comfortable and stylish.

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